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Internal communication

Imagine work environment where people feel involved, are aware of the meaning of their work, feel safe, understand the direction of the company. Imagine that there is respect, understanding, trust, clear and open communication in the team, which results in productive work and company achievements! This is the goal I help managers to achieve!

Reveal the power of meaningful internal communication!

Analysis of internal communication to identify improvements

The first step of internal communication improvement is the assessment of the current situation. The internal communication analysis will give the in-depth understanding of the strengths, weaknesses and opportunities that characterize the existing IC practice in your company. As part of the analysis, it is possible to identify what improvements will strengthen IC practice.

Upon the customer's request, the analysis can be implemented in different ways:

  • Surveying employees on various aspects related to internal communication;

  • Interviewing employees and managers of different levels for in-depth study of IC practice;

  • A focus group interview to solve an internal communication problem;

  • Analysis of internal communication channels and measures to identify improvements.

Audit of the internal communication function

As part of this service, I help the client to analyse how internal communication works as a function in the company to be able to conclude on how to make internal communication management strategic. Audit includes:

  • Analysis of the roles and daily responsibilities involved in the internal communication function;

  • Identification of the internal communication function in the structure;

  • Analysis of the duties of the internal communication manager;

  • Management workshop on the role and goals of internal communication in the company;

  • Assessment of internal communication practices upon 8 strategic components;

  • Development of the model for effective management of the IC function;

  • Recommendations on how to strengthen internal communication practices at the strategic level.

Development of internal communication/employee engagement strategy

  • This service involves connection of the strategic goals of the business/organization with internal communication, thus making it strategically driven.
    Depending on the specifics of the company/organization, the strategy includes:

  • Analysis of company strategy (to connect strategic goals with internal communication)

  • Internal communication analysis,

  • Workshops for management groups to define priority internal communication goals;

  • Definition of issues, opportunities, goals, messages, employee groups, channels, events and activities, indicators for strategy evaluation.

  • In addition to the strategy document, you receive an action plan for specific period.

Mentoring of an internal communication specialist

This service is intended for any internal communication specialist or manager who needs support at both the strategic and day-to-day levels of internal communication processes. Its purpose is to help navigate current internal communication issues, to give awareness that there is someone to discuss ideas with, and to provide real support in the development of strategies.

In practice this means:

  • We agree on meetings at the time convenient for the client that lasts 1-2 hours (usually once a week);

  • The client comes with issues, which we discuss and find solutions together;

  • The client sends drafts of written or visual communication materials - I provide feedback and suggestions for their improvement;

  • We work to ensure that the client strengthens its ability to operate at a strategic level, contributing to the achievement of the company's goals.

  • If the IC manager has a team, I train the ability to lead people by developing goals and tasks for the internal communication team;

  • As part of the service, I help to reach the goal of internal communication and help develop an internal communication strategy.

Training of the managers' internal communication skills

The purpose of the training is to strengthen the communication leadership skills of managers at all levels.

The training content is adapted to the needs of each team, but the basic topics are as follows:

  • The role of managers during change;

  • Managers' strengths in change;

  • Communication to direct and implement change;

  • The nature, levels, meaning of internal communication;

  • Leadership communication;

  • Internal communication tools for effective management;

  • Strategically managed internal communication;

  • Feedback as communication tool

  • Messages and channels for effective communication

Ieva  demonstrated the new vision of how to communicate in a way that I could be heard, trusted and have the opportunity to cooperate effectively. Ieva's strength is a natural ability to achieve results and give the necessary impetus at the right moment. I recommend to every manager for whom is important to reveal the power of communication in himself or in his team! 

Irēna Liepiņa,

president of Latvian Communications Workers Trade Union

Over the past ten years, I have founded or helped develop several media companies, but every company reaches the point when decisive decisions regarding change must be made. I highly appreciate Ieva's practical and academic knowledge. Ieva let us see the possibilities already during the first consultations. It inspired me and allowed me to direct the development of the company in the right direction. I believe that change is a complex team effort, and Ieva is part of this team.

Ingemārs Vekteris, "Vidzemes Televīzija", "ReTV",​

I.V. Advisory Board Chairman

We cooperated with Ieva for the second time. The workshop on delegation led by Wina had a long-term positive effect. Employees also enjoyed the training process itself. Loved this feedback workshop too! I recommend Ieva as a good internal communication coach.

Mudrîte Grundule

Member of the board of SIA Prospero

We cooperated with Ieva as a communication management consultant for many years. We are very satisfied with this cooperation. The communication solutions and strategies developed within the framework of joint cooperation are still relevant, we continue to use them. 

Viktors Gustsons,

Head of "Compensa Life Vienna Insurance Group SE Latvian Branch

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