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Organizational strategy

The process of developing mission, vision and values

As part of the service, the consultant conducts the workshop for defining or revising the company's mission, vision and values. Gathering information and recommendations for possible definitions.

In the second stage, if the client needs to develop the organizational strategy, the consultant conducts the workshop to define strategic priorities, goals and objectives. As part of the service, the consultant also summarises the information obtained during the workshop and submits it to the client for further work.

Strategy implementation communication

If the management of your company has developed a new strategy and you need support for its communication/ cascading at all levels of employees, then this service is what you need.

The process includes:

  • Analysis (internal communication approaches, channels, solutions, employees' opinion);

  • Managers' workshop for determining the purpose of internal communication;

  • Analysis of the organizational strategy;

  • Preparation of internal communication plan for cascading strategy.

In the spring of 2022, Liepaja Symphony Orchestra State Ltd. experienced serious growth challenges - the change of artistic management, the search of identity and the need of new strategy development. The successful solution to these challenges is evidenced by the rapid increase in attendance, finances and publicity of the orchestra since last autumn, participation in prestigious festivals and a great atmosphere in the orchestra collective. It was possible thanks to Ieva Zaumane, the change management expert.


Cooperation with Ieva Zaumane could be briefly described as follows: exciting, educational, unifying, empathic and professional. During the months of intensive work, the orchestra reflected the company's values, identified the mission and vision, the employees believed in themselves and in the growth possibilities of the collective. All of us, 100 colleagues, got a sense of participation in the fate of the company, gained joy and greater mutual trust.

Uldis Lipskis,

Liepaja Symphony Orchestra director

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