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Some practical examples from my professional experience to illustrate the possibilities of internal communication and change communication to solve problem situations in the organization.

A systemic approach to change that changed everything

During the first conversation, the client stated that there are conflicts in the team, it has strong individualist culture, various interest groups and coalitions form in the company, which provides good ground for intrigues. The manager is tired, has lost both vision and motivation to talk to the team. However, the time when the company should develop new medium-term strategy is approaching that would help move forward and develop. As well, within next few months, a new manager had to start work in the company, who would be one of the key people in this company, but historically there have been various difficulties with this position.

Implementation of changes can be peaceful if the management is prepared

The owners of the company have decided to divide the company into four separate business units - thus, to reorganize the company to develop the business. In practical terms, this means that the team, which was in the same boat until now, will now work under different brands. So, roles, hierarchy, business goals and the way the company will operate will change.

When management wants the targeted approach in cascading the company's strategy

The client received new strategic settings from the parent company. The manager of the company has decided that she wants the targeted approach in cascading the new strategy to employees, as well as to understand what can be done even better within the internal communication function.

Transformational changes in the company - emphasis on changing the behaviour of the employees

The management of the company has realized that something must be done with the not quite successful business results, customer complaints, overlapping of functions and low productivity, and was planning changes in the work approach, project management, cooperation between structural units. Now, the employees will have to work hard on goal reporting, to report daily on goal achievement status, and hold feedback sessions. It actually means completely changing the way people have worked until now - relaxed, not stressing over missed deadlines, hiding unfinished tasks behind chaos.

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