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Implementation of changes can be peaceful if the management is prepared

Implemented project:

The owners of the company have decided to divide the company into four separate business units - thus, to reorganize the company to develop the business. In practical terms, this means that the team, which was in the same boat until now, will now work under different brands.


So, roles, hierarchy, business goals and the way the company will operate will change. The company has been working on the Latvian market for about 20 years, and the loyalty of employees to the company is strong. In this case, since the management has no plan to reduce the staff, on the contrary, it is important that everyone continues working, the main task of communication is: we want people to be calm about their jobs, so that they do not run away, thinking that they will be fired anyway.

The management of the company asked to help develop a change communication approach so that the employees remain calm and at the same time feel inspired for a new stage of development in the company.

Client`s issue:

The proposed solution:

  1. Management workshops with the aim of jointly identifying the most important affected stakeholders (both internal and external) and defining the possible concerns and worries of these groups. Also, in these workshops, the management group came to a common understanding about the goal of change and the goal of change communication, and the best messages to achieve them.

  2. Individual conversations to analyse the existing internal communication practices so that the solutions included in the change communication strategy are consistent with the already existing management communication practices.

  3. Development of the change communication strategy.

The result:

  • Two management workshops have been conducted, which ensured the involvement and purposeful action of change implementers.

  • The change communication strategy and a change implementation action plan have been developed, which allows the client to methodically follow instructions and implement changes.

  • Guidelines have been developed for managers of new companies for communication with new teams.

Client feedback during the change implementation process:

So far, everything is going very smoothly and successfully. Even unplanned smoothly and internally people are very calm.

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