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My team

Elīna Harčenko

project assistant

Elīna assists in clients’ projects and takes care of the company's communication. She participates in the analytical phase of projects and in the planning of tactical solutions. With 15 years of experience in the communication field, she has dedicated 8 years specifically to internal communication.

Her experience covers communication planning and implementation in both the business and education sectors.

Elina is passionate, professional and collaborative!

One of Elina's favorites is George Bernard Shaw's quote: "The biggest problem with communication is the illusion that it has happened."

Ewa Strzyżewska

Tool "Talk about Change" partner in Poland

Ewa is representative of the internal communication tool "Talk about change" in Poland. In partnership with Ewa this tool is translated in Polish language and available for professionals in Poland.

About Ewa

She is communications Catalyst, Psychologist and Linguist, Change&Language Coach, NLP Master, Certified Provocative Coach, FACET5 Consultant, Certified Points of You L3 Master; specializing in trainings delivered in English language 

For over twenty years, building on her expertise of bilingual communication and media experience,  Ewa’s interests have focused on the quality of how we connect, beginning with ourselves and then moving on to communicating with others. Her psychological experience enhanced with hours of coaching, mentoring and soft-skills trainings have allowed her to develop deep understanding of the mechanisms that underly human behavior and ease the process of acquiring the skills - a crucial element for the her work to bring effects.


Ewa's believe: "It is worth going beyond the known, because we are more capable than we think."

Contact Eva:

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