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About me

My name is Ieva Zaumane.

I am a change and internal communication strategist.

I remember very clearly the point in my professional career when I experienced the revelation that as a public relations manager I could answer journalists' questions in the best possible way day after day, write tons of press releases and organize media events just to keep the company's reputation at good level, and yet one profound inner turmoil that results from long-term neglect of internal communication as a function destroys absolutely everything to its foundations!

For more than 20 years, my professional experience has been related to the strategic communication management and the involvement of employees in various life cycles of the company, both during stability and changes, as well as in crises.

Work focus

I have developed internal and external communication strategies, organized and managed change communication processes, as well as provided crisis communication management in the companies like State Revenue Service, Hansabanka, the Office of the Ombudsman, consulting company "Hauska&Partner", State Education and Development Agency, State JSC “Latvijas Pasts”. For several years I have chosen to strengthen companies from the outside. I develop internal communication and change communication strategies for clients, provide systemic consultations to improve internal communication, train and mentor managers of all levels in communication leadership.

Knowledge-based consulting

I have a Ph.D in Social Sciences (Economics and business administration) and have developed a model for the integration and strategic management of the internal communication function  in parallel with my professional activity - consultation and training of the company managers and teams. This means a deep, fundamental understanding of business processes and the role of internal communication in the development of the companies. I am the author of several scientific publications, I have participated in several international and Latvian conferences, presenting topics related to various aspects of the working environment and communication.

Additional competences 

I am also a certified APC coach, and I have obtained the "Organizational System Dynamics and Systemic Constellations" certificate of the Bert Hellinger Institute and Systemic Constellation Center Riga. It allows to see the causes of internal communication problems and solve them in a complex manner, combining the strategic approach with systemic coaching and constellation methods.


  • Ieva Zaumane, board member of the company Systemic Change;

  • Ph.D in Social Sciences (Economics and business administration);

  • Author of the internal communication tool "Talk about Change";

  • Practising management coach and mentor;

  • Author of international publications and speaker at scientific conferences;

  • Co-author of Dienas Bizness HR Management Manual

  • Author of the on-line course "How to become an excellent manager";

  • Guest lecturer at Latvian universities such as the University of Latvia, Vidzeme University, Riga Stradins University, BA School of Business and Finance;

  • Certified APC coach;

  • Certified specialist in organizational system dynamics and facilitator of systemic arrangements;

Publications in international scientific journals and collections

  • Zaumane, I. and Leščevica, M. (2021), Functional responsibility for internal communication management and its integration in contemporary businesses, International Journal of Organizational Analysis, Emerald Publishing, Vol. ahead-of-print No. ahead-of-print. (SCOPUS)

  • Zaumane I. (2021), Strategic Internal Communication: Analysis of the Practice of Regional Higher Institutions of Latvia. SOCIETY. INTEGRATION. EDUCATION. Proceedings of the International Scientific Conference. Volume VI, May 28th-29th, 2021. 551-563, DOI:

  • Zaumane I. (2018), Internal Communication Challenges in 21st Century Organization. Leadership perspective. IJRDO-Journal of Business Management, Vol.4, No.2. ISSN: 2455-6661

  • Zaumane I., (2016), “Internal Communication crisis and it’s impact on organizations performance”, Journal of Business Management,Issue 12, p24-33. (EBSCO)

  • Review (2022), Internal communication management: Practices in contemporary businesses, Strategic Direction, Vol. ahead-of-print No. ahead-of-print. (SCOPUS)

If you need a partner with deep knowledge and vast experience to take change and internal communication to the next level, contact me!

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Company details:
Ieva Zaumane Systemic Change Ltd
VAT reg. no. LV52103088351
Address: O. Kalpaka street 13-34, Sigulda, Lv-2150
Bank: SEB Bank
Account number: LV84UNLA0055001006320

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