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Communication for change

Development of a change communication strategy

Consulting service, resulting in the development of the communication strategy and action plan for the implementation of change.

The service includes the following components:

  • Feasibility study and analysis (existing situation, organizational environment, communication, system, influence parties);

  • Workshop for senior and middle-level managers to determine the purpose and meaning of change, to identify the purpose of communication;

  • Strategy and plan development.

Consulting and mentoring of managers in change communication

The service is suitable for cases when the manager needs to define change messages and decide on how to communicate coming changes to employees or other stakeholders, but there is no more time to develop the comprehensive strategy.

The service is provided in the form of consultative conversations (online, by phone or in person), help in preparing messages (written text), giving feedback if someone in the company has prepared a message about changes and wants to test it with the professional.

Workshop for management groups "Talk about Change"

This format is designed for teams that need to plan changes in the company. Using the internal communication tool "Talk about Change", I lead the client, in the form of the game, through various aspects of change from the point of view of the involved employees, thus helping to develop the best change communication strategy.

Managers' benefits after the workshop:

  • Time saved thinking how to better communicate change;

  • A helicopter view on the situation from above;

  • Immediate feedback from the perspective of different change roles;

  • Different perspectives to help decide on the best strategy for driving change;

  • Material for development of the change messages;

  • New opportunities for development;

  • An opportunity to strengthen team relations;

  • Implementation of the culture of trust in the company.

Over the past ten years, I have founded or helped develop several media companies, but every company reaches the point when decisive decisions regarding change must be made. I highly appreciate Ieva's practical and academic knowledge. Ieva let us see the possibilities already during the first consultations. It inspired me and allowed me to direct the development of the company in the right direction. I believe that change is a complex team effort, and Ieva is part of this team.

Ingemārs Vekteris, "Vidzemes Televīzija", "ReTV",
​I.V. Advisory Board Chairman

In the spring of 2022, Liepaja Symphony Orchestra State Ltd. experienced serious growth challenges - the change of artistic management, the search of identity and the need of new strategy development. The successful solution to these challenges is evidenced by the rapid increase in attendance, finances and publicity of the orchestra since last autumn, participation in prestigious festivals and a great atmosphere in the orchestra collective. It was possible thanks to Ieva Zaumane, the change management expert.


Cooperation with Ieva Zaumane could be briefly described as follows: exciting, educational, unifying, empathic and professional. During the months of intensive work, the orchestra reflected the company's values, identified the mission and vision, the employees believed in themselves and in the growth possibilities of the collective. All of us, 100 colleagues, got a sense of participation in the fate of the company, gained joy and greater mutual trust.

Uldis Lipskis,

Liepaja Symphony Orchestra director

I definitely recommend the change communication management seminar led by Ieva! Very practical tools and tips that can be used both when communicating important changes in the organization and when preparing information on a daily basis. The instructor gives a very good structure or framework of the change communication process and examines all the most important nuances of such a process, which should not be forgotten. I really liked the practical tips on using the Latvian language, which I used the very next day. Yes, the topics discussed in the course will be useful both in a business environment and in private situations.

Sanita Liepiņa,
Personnel management specialist

Management change communication workshops and trainings

The content of the trainings and workshops is adapted to the needs of each client, but the basic topics can be as follows:

  • People during changes

  • The role of managers during changes

  • Communication tools available during changes

  • Approaches to promoting behaviour change;

  • Resistance reduction techniques;

  • Emotion management during changes;

  • Techniques for defining change messages.


The service was implemented using the internal communication tool "Talk about Change" to help management teams to familiarize with the nature of change, people's possible concerns and the best communication approaches.

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