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Internal communication tool

"Talk about Change"


The process of change is an integral part of our daily life. We can experience radical changes caused by crisis situations or small changes in company processes that result in a change in employees' previous attitudes or behaviours.
Have you ever imagined: Why the desired change is met with resistance? Why is it so difficult for people to accept the new situation, operating model? If your answer is "Yes", then I want to encourage you by saying that the process of implementing change can be successful as long as the company or organization follows some rule!

Who is the communication tool " Talk about Change " intended for?

The key to change is communication and appropriate messages!

I often witness that managers communicate to employees in the companies in a one-way manner during changes. But before defining the messages of change that reach the hearts and minds, the management of the company or organization must first understand what the employees who have to implement this change in their daily work feel, think, say or do. And often managers struggle to find the right way how to ask employees and ultimately what to ask to make the conversation productive and receive answers!

Solution – internal communication tool " Talk about Change "

The communication tool was developed to help start the conversation where employees have the opportunity to express their thoughts and emotions about the planned and ongoing changes in the company.
The " Talk about Change " activity will allow teams to feel involved, heard. This tool will help managers to provide feedback and understand employees' problems, which in turn will allow to define more targeted change messages and to develop the change communication strategy.

Added value of the tool


Using the role approach, this tool will help your company's employees to trust and to express opinions and feelings. The element of the game will make the atmosphere of the conversation more positive and easier.


It will help to introduce employees to changes in the company and start the conversation about them.



With the help of the communication tool, you will find out the employees' attitude towards change and proactively reveal the reasons that could delay the successful change implementation process.


This instrument is a long-term investment. You will be able to use it more than once in different teams, individual conversations and in different situations of change from year to year. This tool will save you the time you would spend hypothetically thinking about how best to communicate change to people.

The tool ensures the delivery of a synchronized message throughout the organization and across departments. It helps you craft your message, understand any potential stumbling blocks, and prepare your initial message, including answers to potential questions and risks. It is a fantastic tool that unites a team in planning and implementing change of any size! Thank you, Eve!

Dace Dovidena, Managing Director

Narvesen Baltija SIA

The tool is a way for managers of different levels in the process of change to find an opportunity to talk about things that we cannot talk about and understand in a structured format in a regular format and everyday. The tool allows you to analyze the situation step by step, as well as to see it from different perspectives. In an effective way, we received the most comprehensive opinions, understood the pain points, benefits and steps to be taken for the successful continuation of changes in the organization. I am glad that such a unique auxiliary material has been created in Latvia for all levels of managers, HR specialists and coaches (and there are probably other positions in which such a tool would be useful).

Gunta Šmēdiņa, head of the department

DNB Service Center

This is a laconic and high-quality work tool that allows you to look at what you don't always want to look at. This helps me, as the founder of the company, to understand how to convey the message to the team, and also allows me to understand in what qualities I myself want to work. Using the tool, within two hours  I got working material at least 3 months ahead! I describe the use of this tool with the words – revelations, inspiration and excitement!

Kristine Thomson, founder and manager of the company

SIA Ketes House

Prices are mentioned without VAT.


65 EUR

  • One tool kit

  • Three scenarios for group use

  • Scenario for online use

  • Free delivery in Latvia


220 EUR

  • One tool kit

  • Three scenarios for group use

  • Scenario for online use

  • Free delivery in Latvia

  • Tool training for a group of up to 4 people


600 EUR

  • One tool kit

  • Three scenarios for group use

  • Scenario for online use

  • Free delivery in Latvia

  • 3-hour change management workshop for a group of up to 25 people


980 EUR

  • One tool kit

  • Three scenarios for group use

  • Scenario for online use


  • 3-hour change management workshop for a group of up to 25 people

  • Summary of workshop results and recommendations 


2000 EUR

  • One tool kit

  • Three scenarios for group use

  • Scenario for online use

  • Free delivery in Latvia

  • 3- hour change management workshop for a group of up to 25 people

  • Summary of workshop results and  recommendations

  • Tool kit for each workshop participant


The main benefits of the manager

  • Time saved on thinking how to better communicate change;

  • A helicopter view on the situation from above;

  • Immediate feedback from employees;

  • Different perspectives to help decide the best strategy for driving change;

  • Material for change messages development;

  • New opportunities for development;

  • The opportunity to strengthen team relations;

  • Implementation of the culture of trust in the company.

Who will the tool be useful for

  • For managers at all levels in the company

  • For coaches, conducting group coaching sessions during change

  • For business and communication coaches, diversifying their curriculum activities

Tool set

The set includes 65 cards and 3 workshop scenarios for full implementation and further unlimited use of the tool.

Types of talk cards:

  • 44 question cards (4 types of questions: Me and changes; Emotions during changes; Evaluation of changes; Action and Resources);

  • 13 change situation cards (for defining and recording your change type/situation);

  • 4 employee role identity cards (Supporter, Opponent, Friendly, Cautious) in two copies.

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