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Transformational changes in the company - emphasis on changing the behaviour of the employees

Implemented project:

The management of the company has realized that something must be done with the not quite successful business results, customer complaints, overlapping of functions and low productivity, and was planning changes in the work approach, project management, cooperation between structural units. Now, the employees will have to work hard on goal reporting, to report daily on goal achievement status, and hold feedback sessions. It actually means completely changing the way people have worked until now - relaxed, not stressing over missed deadlines, hiding unfinished tasks behind chaos.

The main constraint of cooperation: time pressure. The project of changes should be ready one week after signing our cooperation agreement.

Client`s issue:

The proposed solution:

  1. Since there was no time to carry out the usual feasibility study (employee questionnaires, interviews and channel analysis), the proposed solution this time included the analysis of all ready and available information about the internal environment of the company and the mood of the employees - analysis of the surveys results conducted during the year, interviews with the main drivers of change, change implementation plans.

  2. Development of the change communication strategy and the comprehensive action plan, so that the client can follow the instructions when opening the file, and apply the guidelines in practice.

The result:

The change communication strategy and the action plan for the implementation of changes were developed in record short time.

Client feedback on the result:

Thanks for the promptness and structured approach! We are very satisfied with the result, it greatly facilitates our work in implementing changes.

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