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When management wants the targeted approach in cascading the company's strategy

Implemented project:

The client received new strategic settings from the parent company. The manager of the company has decided that she wants the targeted approach in cascading the new strategy to employees, as well as to understand what can be done even better within the internal communication function.

Client`s issue:

The proposed solution:

  1. Carry out the diagnosis of the existing internal communication practice in the company.

  2. Develop the plan to bring the company's strategy to life at all levels.

  3. To provide the partnership in effective internal communication management of the company.

The result:

  • A study of the internal communication practice was carried out and a report was executed, which included a summary of the results and conclusions of the employee survey, the in-depth analysis of the results of the interviews, the results of the analysis of the content and form of the internal communication channels used in the company, which ended with recommendations for the further development of the internal communication practice.

  • Prepared and conducted the internal communication workshop for middle managers to reach the common understanding about the purpose of internal communication in the company;

  • Prepared step-by-step communication plan for the implementation of the company's strategy;

  • Support was provided to the strategy communication staff in the preparation of the presentation.

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