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Systemic approach to change that changed everything

Implemented project:

During the first conversation, the client stated that there are conflicts in the team, it has strong individualist culture, various interest groups and coalitions form in the company, which provides good ground for intrigues. The manager is tired, has lost both vision and motivation to talk to the team. However, the time when the company should develop new medium-term strategy is approaching that would help move forward and develop. As well, within next few months, a new manager had to start work in the company, who would be one of the key people in this company, but historically there have been various difficulties with this position - the team has not accepted managers who have been in this position or over time the manager lost his/her authority, which led to permissiveness and unproductive work, as a result the quality of work also suffered.

Client`s issue:

I offered the client the following goal of cooperation:

  1. Provide strategic communication support to the company's management team during times of change

  2. Strengthen the communication skills of the company manager by providing change communication mentoring.

In parallel with the consultations, strategic work was performed:

  • I studied internal environment (employee survey), which helped the manager to see various problems and the possibilities of their prevention;

  • I prepared and conducted the workshop on renewing the company's mission, vision and values for employees of different levels;

  • I collected the materials of the workshop, prepared the mission and vision definition project, gave recommendations for the next steps;

  • I developed the presentation for the client for communication with the team about the insights gained in the survey and the ideas developed during the workshop;

  • I developed the change communication plan for the on-boarding of the new manager into the company, the focus was on a systemic approach (communication of delegating, providing place and vision).

  • I was available for phone consultations on current issues and events when the client needed them.


Practically, I provide services in several dimensions. First, there were systemic consultations with the manager of the company about his place in this company and what he does as the manager. During the consultations, the manager also came to the opinion what makes the employees to conflict, how his position and the implementation of the manager’s role affect the rest of the team and the expected new manager. Also, the client came to a deep understanding of the company's management principles, historical origin and its influence on current situation in the team, as well as the unused potential. These consultations helped the manager to release his energy to continue leading with new energy, to see the potential of his role, to develop the ability to communicate with his team at all levels, as well as to clearly see the causes and eliminate them instead of fighting the consequences.

Client feedback on the result:

The team has calmed down and is ready to work with new energy. New ideas have emerged that inspire the team to grow. The manager of the company feels more confident in his role and communication with employees. All prepared materials were helpful for the new manager to successfully join the team.

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