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5 barriers to effective internal communication

Gallagher – Employee Experience & Communication has published the results of the internal communication research.

A lot of valuable insights in the document, but this time a little about barriers.

The picture shows the TOP 5 that professionals have named as the most relevant at the moment.

I would like to comment specifically on the lack of time and capacity. Observing what is happening in practice, I can say that often organizations do not plan IC at a strategic level, synchronizing activities with operational priorities and goals. In the finale, there is no clear focus, and the person in charge literally dissolves in all directions and falls into a lack of time.

If you can imagine a moving vehicle (any kind) and a person trying to catch it. Well, that's exactly what describes most IK people who don't have strategic priorities. So to speak, we are running after the cart that is rolling down the hill!

I invite you to sit down, take a breath and think about what is the most important IC goal for the organization this year!


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